Pots, containers and packaging for the growth and transport of plants

Containers and pots are essential in the nursery, agriculture and gardening sectors to ensure that any type of plant is available all year round. The type of pot changes depending on the type of plant.

The packaging of plants is a very important factor in order to allow their safe transportation not to compromise in any way the possibility of rooting and plant quality. One of the methods that is often used in the nursery sector is the one with the basket where the plant, once it has been removed from the soil, is enclosed in metal baskets that allow a fast and safe packaging of the plant, extracted either with a clod-machine or by hand.

The metal basket is one of our strengths, created and patented directly by our company, is produced in large quantities in different sizes and types.

  • Square-shaped pot
  • High and low round pots
  • Etna Pot
  • Tubs with and without handles
  • Rotational festooned pot
  • Ribbed box
  • Ducal flower box
  • Wooden box
  • Rolls of wire netting
  • Patented metal baskets
  • Extensible baskets
  • Sheets, sacks and rolls of jute
  • Sheets of carded yarn
  • Geo and jute strips
  • Tubular netting
  • Cardboard rolls
  • Netting for palletization
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