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Import/export all over the world

Import/export is a customized service dedicated to all Italian and European companies working in the nursery sector.

A large space to manage our products

Over the years, we have been expanding our spaces in order to better manage large quantities of goods and offer our clients an even wider choice of our products for nurseries. In 2011, our warehouse of 5000 square meters located in Quarrata and main headquarters for the import / export service, was created.


Retail sale for experts and private individuals in the nursery sector

Our store offers a wide range of products dedicated to the nursery sector, gardening and agriculture for private individuals and experts in the sector. Research, quality and competitiveness of our products and a qualified and attentive staff are the fundamental points that we have always been looking for our clients.

We customize your requests with home delivery

We have a wide range of products for the nursery industry, each customer can place orders for small or large quantities, even customizable. Our staff will provide the creation of the various requests and delivery even outside the region.


Since 1987 products for
nursery, agriculture and

Import/Export all over the world

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