From bamboo canes to pine or chestnut poles to support every type of plant

The support is the equipment needed to make plants grow healthy and straight, very important in the sector of nursery and agriculture. There are different types of support  from bamboo canes to pine or chestnut poles, to support plants of any size and type.

  • Decorticated or turned pine poles
  • Chestnut poles
  • Single and double pegs and spurs
  • Galvanized tubular pole
  • Mulching sheet
  • Galvanized iron wire
  • Nyofil
  • Galvanized wire tensioner
  • Wire pulling handles
  • Mav/Mag plant holder hook
  • Bandofix
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Electro welded netting
  • Galvanized small poles
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